Pokéfind Mini-Game idea #7: Hemlock Says

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    In “Hemlock Says”, 5 - 12 players are tasked with random tasks Prof. Hemlock wants you to do. Whoever does what he says first wins the round, getting 3 points. 2nd place gets 2, and 3rd place gets 1. Hemlock might randomly pick a player to choose an option for him, given 3 possible activities. The chosen player still participates in the activity. You have 12 rounds of activities to complete. Here is a list of possible activities to choose for the mini-game.

    • Throw the _____ ball. (Pokéball, Greatball, Love Ball, Friend Ball, etc.)
    • Harvest the _____ apricorn (Red, Blue, etc.)
    • Start a battle with Joey [Go through a tiny maze].
    • Get to the Master Ball [Parkour up to where the Master Ball is].
    • Throw out the _____. (Any Pokémon)
    • Bike down the Hill [Ride down a hill, ride on to ledges for a boost].
    • Level up you perfect magikarp [lvl. 99]. (Use a rare candy)
    • Stop that [Evil Team] Grunt. (A randomly chosen player is picked as a grunt. Punch to catch them.)
    • Give Sableye three ores. (Randomly chosen; diamond, emerald, redstone, gold, iron, and lapis.)
    • Find the Gastly. (You are blinded and must punch the Gastly to win).
    • Have _____ [Any Pokémon] use _____ [The chosen move].
    • Craft a(an) _____ [A Pokémon Item].
    • Win a battle with a lvl 100 Weedle with another player.
    • Stare at this Magikarp.
    • Hop when Spoink hops.
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