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  1. rockpolish12
    i have done everything and i cant get in
  2. rockpolish12
    how do i get in the game?
  3. 1_Want_A_Bagon
    does anyone know where bagons are in the haukoiu map? i rlly want one. thx m8
  4. Dr.NoseMan
    It's ok to be short. Just jump all the time!
  5. Pandaz
  6. Terrier_Paws
  7. Kairi_Chan
  8. Eivets500
    Eivets500 MsNaz
    @Zorvoan Oh wait!! Don’t Boop in naz Profile!!!! Booping is not allowed!!
  9. Eivets500
  10. Sonic2008#7825
  11. Zorvoan
  12. Terrier_Paws
    Terrier_Paws Lego121212
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    2. Lego121212
      May 13, 2020
  13. _Fatal_Flare
  14. Kylonemesis
  15. Terrier_Paws
    Terrier_Paws DarkEclipic
    Meep meep
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  16. Terrier_Paws
  17. AshGreninja101
    beating wumpus up for getting fired from discord
  18. AshGreninja101
    Doing all the fun stuff
  19. _Fatal_Flare
    Want to apply do I have to wait a week?
  20. LBC
    Yo I can’t play the game because of the name I do not now it