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Feb 7, 2017
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All purchasing/store issues must be sent to [email protected] Aug 27, 2017

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Jan 26, 2018
    1. deitplan22
    2. Plomarco
      Hello peteZa i was wondering if i was banned because i can't access the pokemon world and i can't get into the hub

      Please reply quickly

      P.S My name is Plomarco
      1. ShootingFor3
        You are not banned from PokeWorld. If you were banned you would not be able to connect the the server at all. It is possibly a connection error or something to do with the resource pack.
        Dec 7, 2017
      2. XD001ShadowLugia
        ShootingFor3 it says that for me alot and the answer is i was baned from pokeworld
        Jan 22, 2018
      3. ShootingFor3
        You do NOT get banned from one game mode on PokeFind. Being banned does not let you connect to the server at all. If you can't connect to PokeWorld then you have some other issue with connecting.
        Jan 22, 2018
    3. IRektUSon
      Sir I can't join the Pokefind server, I want an answer ASAP.
    4. NextTuber
      i want to apply for staff
    5. BeanBurrito
      Hey PeteZa I accepted the challenge where you have to catch a nidoran and evolve it to its final evolution, and after I completed it I didn't get my reward. My IGN is PiggyMCPiggles can you please help me.
    6. able
      my username is AbieTheBeast
    7. able
      plz unban me something happened with my card and charge backed plz i beg this only good sever i have!
      1. XD001ShadowLugia
        there are like 1 melon servers XD
        Jan 22, 2018
    8. Jthegamer23
      i applied to be staff plz read it and hope fully you like it
    9. Gavriel
      hello PeteZa can you unban me i swear to god that i won't fly or hack so please and all my friends told me to get unbanned and this is the only good server i have so please unban me i beg you!!
    10. lukie94
      Hello admin today i got muted because i tried to tell my friend DaleOP if he plays a minecraft gta game, so he said yes and i didnt know which one so i said the server name and then i got mouted permanetly
      Plz help
    11. MasterArdelta
      Admin please help! I have been playing the Team Rocket HQ and am on the Parkour I keep getting Toggled out of the game (Timed Out) and when i do and go back all my keys for the Parkour are gone! I have beaten the first one twice and the second one once I need your help to fix it.
    12. the_kid266
      Hi There, Just wondering why I've been muted in Pokeworld? Can you pls un-mute me?
    13. ItzMariah
      how do i do an ban appeal?
    14. Squidy355
      I cant conect to the server can you fix it?
    15. Star_Lord_
      PLS DUDE
      i love this server and i really want to play on it, at least the reason would be nice
    16. Ryley
      i just sent a thred i don't know if that how you can let me back in but i made one on the appeal area
    17. Star_Lord_
      Hey, ii hope u read my appeal
    18. racso
      Hi i set up and account with my main email. I can't find the actual confirmation for it so I'm using a alt email right now. Can you re send a confirmation email to [email protected] please thank you.
    19. William Sabell
      William Sabell
      Hello, how come when I chat in chat on the server it tells me that “Cannot send chat message)? Have I been banned or something as it’s always said this and I have never spoke only used /w to talk to people
    20. Boltdog03
      i have been ban for chargeback one of your mods told my friend if i get rid of the request for chargeback i could be off the hook i did and im still ban why is this pls help and the only reason i was trying to find help was because i didn't get 3 eggs i purchased
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