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    May 11, 2019
    This guide includes all Anniversary Pokemon from every year. There are links to documents below to show all movesets/abilities/typings and the change logs for each one. Below the documents is the list of Pokemon with their typings in each year egg.

    All Anniversary Pokemon have their normal Pokemon base stats unless it says otherwise in the List of Pokemon section.

    There is a new addition to this guide in the form of a Moveset Guide. For people who aren't experts on knowing how to build movesets, this Moveset Guide will help show you what the Pokemons weaknesses are as well as give you a couple option of movesets to pick for that specific Anniversary Pokemon. Each Anniversary Pokemon has a star rating out of 5 to show its viability in the Ubers battle format in Pokefind.
    Courtesy to EmperorKyo for taking time out of his day to make this guide for the beginners into the Anniversary Pokemon.

    Another new addition along with Year 5s. Added a filter system for all of the anniversaries onto 1 sheet to you can compare base stats and see what abilities they have in a single place.


    List of Pokemon

    - Aggron (Dragon/Poison)
    - Alakazam (Water/Psychic)
    - Arcanine (Water)
    - Blaziken (Water/Ice)
    - Charizard (Dragon/Electric)
    - Dragonite (Water/Electric)
    - Flygon (Steel/Poison)
    - Gardevoir (Steel/Flying)
    - Gengar (Ghost/Fairy)
    - Metagross (Rock/Bug)
    - Rhydon (Ice/Electric)
    - Salamence (Dark/Flying)
    - Scizor (Dragon/Steel)
    - Snorlax (Dark/Poison)
    - Steelix (Fire/Dark)
    - Typhlosion (Electric/Dark)
    - Tyranitar (Dragon/Fire)
    - Ampharos (Fire/Dragon)
    - Bastiodon (Grass/Steel)
    - Breloom (Grass/Fairy)
    - Empoleon (Ice/Dark)
    - Exeggutor (Fairy/Steel)
    - Feraligatr (Fighting/Rock)
    - Garchomp (Water/Dragon)
    - Houndoom (Water/Psychic)
    - Lucario (Electric/Poison)
    - Luxray (Electric/Ghost)
    - Mamoswine (Dark/Fire)
    - Milotic (Ice/Dragon)
    - Rampardos (Dark/Fighting)
    - Roserade (Ice/Fighting)
    - Sceptile (Bug/Psychic)
    - Starmie (Ice/Ghost)
    - Togekiss (Ghost/Flying)
    - Toxicroak (Water/Grass)
    - Venusaur (Ground/Fire)
    - Vespiquen (Poison/Fairy)
    - Arceus Weedle (Dragon/Bug w/ base stats all 105)
    - Absol (Ghost/Bug)
    - Audino (Psychic)
    - Dodrio (Fire/Fairy)
    - Druddigon (Steel/Rock)
    - Excadrill (Rock/Grass)
    - Gliscor (Electric/Flying)
    - Golurk (Ghost/Steel)
    - Gothitelle (Dark/Steel)
    - Heracross (Dragon/Fighting)
    - Hippowdon (Water/Fire)
    - Infernape (Ice/Ground)
    - Kingdra (Dragon/Fairy)
    - Lapras (Rock/Ghost)
    - Scolipede (Bug/Fire)
    - Sunflora (Electric/Grass)
    - Tentacruel (Electric/Ghost)
    - Aerodactyl (Dragon/Ghost)
    - Beheeyem (Ghost/Fairy)
    - Crobat (Poison/Psychic)
    - Froslass (Ice/Fire)
    - Gallade (Fighting/Fairy)
    - Hydreigon (Electric/Dragon)
    - Meganium (Electric/Fairy)
    - Musharna (Fire/Psychic)
    - Serperior (Grass/Dragon)
    - Slaking (Grass/Fighting)
    - Slowbro (Steel/Water)
    - Slowking (Psychic/Fighting)
    - Torterra (Grass/Fire)
    - Alomomola (Psychic/Fairy)
    - Archeops (Flying/Ground)
    - Bouffalant (Normal/Grass)
    - Chandelure (Ice/Electric)
    - Chimecho (Dark/Fairy)
    - Clefable (Normal/Ghost)
    - Crustle (Bug/Water)
    - Donphan (Ice/Flying)
    - Eelektross (Bug/Dark)
    - Gyarados (Rock/Dragon)
    - Ludicolo (Grass/Fire)
    - Muk (Poison/Water)
    - Porygon-2 (Ghost/Dark)
    - Porygon-Z (Ghost/Fighting)
    - Tangrowth (Electric/Steel)
    - Torkoal (Steel)
    - Ursaring (Dark/Fighting)

    How to use the Anniversary Pokemon optimally

    Filtered System for Anniversaries

    I will update this guide every time there is a new update or Anniversary egg. Hope you enjoy :)
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