Some Pokemon Party That are “Useful” for Shadow Quest 4

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    Jul 14, 2018
    Dear everyone,
    Since a lot of players usually stacked when having battle with Giovanni or cipher in Shadow Quest 4, so I will suggest some Pokemon parties for you.

    DISCLAIMER: some of the Pokemon parties are like a trick, so don’t care of some “good” party that I suggested for you.

    First type of party: rattata endeavor party

    Requirements: 6 rattata that is so low level and got endeavor and quick attack , a lot of focus sashes.
    After you got all the stuffs, give the rattatas focus sashes. You will like to use endeavor first. After that, use quick attack then you can 2 shot em.
    Explain: after the foe’s Pokemon attacked, your rattata will get 1 heart left due to focus sash makes the effect of sturdy, endeavor makes the foe’s Pokemon gets the same health of your Pokemon. Then the quick attack can one shot the foe easily.

    Second type of party: sturdy+counter abuser

    Requires: 6 sudowoodo with sturdy, sucker punch and counter and they all should gets more then 160 hearts.
    You will use counter first, and you will see the Pokemon is fainted or not (likes giovanni’s dragonite day gots ability to prevents 50% damage when the dragonite is full health). If not, try sucker punch it, if it doesn’t work, train a sudowoodo’s HP ev. If the foe fainted, don’t switch Pokemon yet! Sucker punch the next pokemon to lower its health a bit then give the foe to kill your sudowoodo. Use the next sudowoodo and repeat the steps. Then you might got the easy win.

    Explain: after the foe made you got only 1 health, counter will give the foe double damage that you got hurt. Ex: the foe made your sudowoodo became 1 health from 201 the power of counter=(201-1)x2=400 (my bad maths) so that the foe will faint easily.

    Third type of party: IDK what name should it be

    Requires: 1 arcanine, 1 jolteon, the others should be op pokemons.

    Jolteon for weak SP.Defender, Arcanine for Shadow Alakazam, others op pokemons for others.

    Explain: There is no explain if this is not a trick party.

    this is what i think, you can suggest more to me so that i can add more. Like if it is useful :)
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    May 27, 2018
    Thanks for this thread :) The raticate method definitely works, since I used it for shadow quest 3. I'm sure this will help some people, but the only downside to this is you waste a ton of focus sashes. One pokemon I highly recommend using for this quest is scizor, as you can swords dance it to the max and just bullet punch through everything.
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    Sep 24, 2017
    Nice! Pretty much what I suggest to players, great guide :D