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    Survival 2.0
    In this guide i will be going through some of the most important stuff that was introduced In survival 2.0, hopefully you will find it helpful <3
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How can I start?
    A: Firstly, Once you log into Pokefind click on the Compass and then choose a server to play on, i would advice you to play on a server that contains less people for the best experience.

    Q: How to craft/get Pokeballs?
    A: You Will have to unlock the recipe for it, You can Unlock its recipe from your /attributes and look at the catching category, you will see that u need to harvest Apricons in order to unlock its recipe, and once you unlock the recipe for it, do /recipes and see how the recipe is made and start crafting it. You will also have the option to Do the quests that are located in /questlog, read the description of each quest and start doing them, they should all be at spawn.

    Q: How can i craft/unlock an Iron cloner, and also unlock the other cloner recipes
    Q: Firstly you will need to Defeat the first gym which is located around the world (scroll down through this guide for a picture of the cords) after you bean that gym, you will then have to do the Research Quest Located at the /Questlog, It should be pretty simple as you can start the quest at proffessor hemlock Lab and at the second floor and then after you do all of that, you will have the recipe unlocked

    Q: How can i get/ Farm Apricons?
    A: Apricons are located around the world, to go to somewhere around the world do /wild and then that will send you to a random place in the wild, you should start looking for apricons, They should be like this, as shown in the picture and once you find one, Click on it to harvest it, And then u can start farming them[​IMG]

    Q: How can I increase the growing Speed of apricons
    A: You can increase the speed of the apricons by Getting Bone meals and clicking on them

    Q: Where can I find Berries?
    A: You can find berries at the the wild, they should look like something like this[​IMG]

    Q: What are the quests?
    A: Quests are found in the /questlog, It’s important for you to do them, as they give some important stuff you may need in your adventure like Pokeballs, Apricons...etc, The quests should be all at spawn.[​IMG]


    Frequently Asked Questions about

    Q: How can I make a group?
    A: You can make a group by doing /g create which will create a group for you

    Q: How can I claim Land?
    A: You can claim land by doing /g claim in which it will claim for you a chunk

    Q: Is there a way to check all my claimed Land?
    A: If you do /Groups in which it will open for you the group Menu, you will see Iron bars at the Left, click that and then it will show you all the chunks you claimed in your Group[​IMG]

    Q: Is there a way to check all my Group Commands?
    A: Yes, If you do /Groups to open your group Menu and go over to the Book (Group Commands) you will see all group commands Listed there, you can also manage/kick your group members through that Group Menu[​IMG]

    Q: Is there a way to Unclaim All Land at once?
    A: Yes, you could do /g unclaim all which will unclaim all the land (chunks) you have claimed

    Q: I can’t Place/Break Blocks
    A: If you can’t Break/Place blocks then your probably trying to do that around your Group Home. You cannot Place or Break Blocks around it, my advice would be is to Set the Group home anywhere else, and then do whatever u want in that area and then set the group home back to that area after your done building on it

    Q: How can I increase My claim Limit?

    A: You can either Increase your claim limit by buying a rank from the store
    All - 25 Claims
    Pro -27 Claims
    Expert- 30 Claims
    Elite - 35 Claims
    Champion - 40 Claims
    Legend - 50 Claims


    Frequently Asked Questions on how to make money

    Q: How can I make money?
    A: You can make money by creating a Player Shop you can create one by doing /g createshop Make sure you have created a Group And you on Claimed Land in order to do so after you do that you will be able to sell items/request for items in that Player shop, Note: Set a group Warp and name it by your shop so players can visit your shop at any time even if your Offline.

    Make sure to also do the quests in the /questlog they are all easy quests and all done at spawn

    You could also earn money from defeating the gyms that are around the world, the gyms give 25k Gold.

    Q: How can I remove my Player Shop
    A: You can remove your player shop by doing /g removeshop in which it will remove your player ship and if you ever wish to place it again you can do /g createshop

    Q: Why can’t I sell items in the shop?
    A: Well... you cannot really sell items in the shop as there is no sell option provided there, so you will have to make money by the Player Shop
    Frequently Asked Questions about Pokemons/Gyms

    Q: Where are the gyms?
    A: The gyms are located around the world, you will have to explore in order to find them. They are really huge noticeable buildings and every gym is on a diffrent biome, there are hints in the /pokegear that may help you on deciding which biome you should look at.

    Q: How can I battle the gyms
    A: You will need a Gym Token you can earn that by defeating the mobs around the gyms, and the mobs will have a chance in dropping one of them

    Q: Where are the Pokemons? I can’t find any
    A: The pokemons are around the world and they spawn on diffrent biomes according to their type, Try standing in one place and they will spawn.

    Q: Why am I not gaining any Trainer XP or pokemon XP
    A: You will have to beat the gyms in order to continue Leveling up, do /pokegear and look at the gyms sections as it explains how different gyms allows you to get to a certain Pokemon Level and Trainer Level

    How to find Gyms
    Either use Ryder or try to find it in the wild

    Don’t Be lazy

    Frequently Asked Questions about general Stuff

    Q: What are the nether Raids
    A: Nether Raids are activated and show coordinates on the server of the location, the way to trigger the way is by defeating Nether Mobs on that server. Nether Mobs include mobs such as Nightmares or Nether Guards which spawn in the world. Defeating these give a Bad Omen effect which is necessary to trigger the raid.
    There are 3 levels to a Nether Raids and the level you'll get is dependent on the invisible Bad Omen effect on your player, the level 3 final wave can spawn a Wither-fair warning.
    Once the mobs from the Nether raid are defeated, the Nether Raid Beacon becomes a Treasure Crystal which will drop Nether items.

    The effect does not carry across servers.

    Q: How can I get bonded Leather/wool..etc?
    A: You will have to meet Mitch at spawn, he is somewhere around there, after you meet him in order to turn your items into bonded items you will have to place the stuff in the Black Smith chest and then click on the Blacksmith and then choose what u want to be bonded and then it will be given to you Make sure you have the correct amount of items in order for the blacksmith to bond it

    Q: What are Custome Items? How can I get them?
    A: You can get custome Items by unlocking them in /recipes, Look at /attributes each custome item require a certain Job to be made in order to unlock the recipe for it

    Q: How can I trade with other players? Do I have to be a certain Level to trade?
    A: The only way to trade with other players is to craft a Trading Machine, you will have to unlock its recipe, You will need to beat the second Gym in order to unlock the recipe

    Q: What Perks do I get when I buy a rank?
    A: These are the perks you can get from ranks[​IMG]

    Q: How can I see all mobs I have killed in the game so I know how much health they have and what weapons to use against them?
    A: You can check the mobs you have killed by doing /mobdex in which it will show you all the mobs you have killed[​IMG]

    Q: Where is the Pokemon Center and the Pokemart?

    A: The pokemon Center is located as shown in the pic, it’s a giant building with a pokeball in the middle[​IMG]

    The pokemart is located as shown in he picture it is a giant building with a blue pokeball in the middle [​IMG]

    That’s all, hopefully you found that helpful, if I forgot to add something Please dm me on discord, and I will add it <3

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    Great job! I’m sure this’ll help out a lot of players ;)
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    Excellent guide, Eivets! Helped me out a lot! <3
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    Thank you a lot Eive Helped me a lot in quick time too. Was really nice to me
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    What do I do if someone lied and used the lie to kill someone (this happened to me twice). can this behavior cause reporting?
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    I’m assuming your talking about tp Trapping, if that’s what you mean then yes, this behavior is punishable and if you found someone Tp trapping/killing please record him and report him on the discord (Ex: “tpa me free diamonds”, and there was no diamonds and it was a trap)
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    Amazing guide Eivets, I might not be stuck on lv 0 anymore after I use your guide!
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    Great guide Eive :D Will be helpful for me (when I start to play survival) and players!
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    Great guide Eivets, this guide helped me out a lot! Hopefully it can help others out, just as much.
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