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    Apr 28, 2018
    Howdy PokéFind!
    Here I have thought up of a suggestion for the upcoming PokéSurvival 2.0: PokéPower! (Name VERY subject to change because I am awful at naming things).
    I’m unsure if the developing team has implemented a similar idea to this, but in case you haven’t:
    This idea revolves around the Pokémon in Survival. The Pokémon will be able to help the player out with Survival-related activities, similar to Skyblock.
    Every fully evolved Pokémon will have the ability to assist the player, but in the hopes of making developing simpler most Pokémon in each type group will have the same ability. In the case a Pokémon has two typings, the primary (first) type will determine its ability.
    The Pokémon’s ability activates when you throw them on the ground. Like in PokéWorld and the current PokéSurvival, the Pokémon will disappear if you walk too far away from it and subsequently its ability will deactivate, so you have to stick around them unless they follow you.
    (Sidenote: it’d be nice if a way for Pokémon to follow you may also be implemented in Survival 2.0. Aside from being very cool, it may also make the Pokémon in this idea more helpful).
    Here is what I have thought of so far:
    Normal types:
    Give the player Strength I
    Fighting types:
    Help the player defend against hostile mobs (like vanilla dogs).
    Flying types:
    Negate fall damage (Unranked, Pro, Expert)
    Allow flight (Elite+)
    Poison types:
    Allow the player’s attacks to inflict poison
    Give the player Night Vision
    Give the player Haste I
    Increase Pokémon spawn rates within a certain radius
    Give the player invisibility for 5 seconds (3 minute cooldown) (May only be used once in a single PVP session/etc. if PVP is implemented)
    Give the player Resistance I
    Give player fire resistance for 30 seconds (5 minute cooldown)
    Give player water breathing
    Increase mob spawn rates within a certain radius
    Give the player Speed I
    Increase the spawn rate of rare Pokémon slightly within a certain radius
    Allow the player’s attacks to inflict slowness
    Give the player regeneration
    Allow the player’s attacks to inflict blindness
    Give the player jump boost + slow falling
    In addition, there may be some select Pokémon that have effects different from the rest of their types. For example:
    Chansey (Blissey if g2+ is implemented):
    Heals all Pokémon in a party (5 min cooldown)
    Heals the player (30 min cooldown).
    Feeds the player (1 hour cooldown).
    Speeds up the growth of crops
    Speeds up furnaces
    Higher luck while the player is fishing
    Anyway, that’s all I have so far! If you have any additional ideas or you think something should be changed, let me know below!
    Thanks for reading!
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    Feb 15, 2019
    I too think Pokemon in PokeSurvival should have a bigger role aside from its normal functions. I think when i throw out a flying type it would be fun to pretend i summoned it to catch me from a fall. Although some of these ideas were great, I will lean more towards individual Pokemon power development, rather than powers being based off typing. However, If developers were able to provide both Pokemon powers for a Pokemon with two typing's, than that would be a lot of fun in my opinion. We as players would be searching for Pokemon with specific type matches to help maximize the efficiency of our 6 hot-bar slots for Pokemon(at least for players without /PC). Lastly, if we as a server decided on type specific Pokemon Powers for easier development, than some of the Pokemon Powers for types like poison, fire, ghost, and steel, to list a few, could use a buff or more thought for uses in both "PVP" and Player vs Environment. Great suggestion brother!
  3. AlmightyPiLord

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    Apr 28, 2018
    Howdy! I can see why you may prefer individual Pokémon having their own special abilities rather than the abilities being shared by types. I suggested that the abilities be determined by type groups rather than the individual Pokémon because implementing a different ability for each fully evolved Pokémon would be quite a task for the developing team and it’d honestly be hard to come up with good abilities for all of them, especially if more generations of Pokémon are implemented.
    I can also see why you would like the abilities buffed, but I personally don’t think the Pokémon should be too OP. The idea in my mind was to just have them as neat little helpers rather than essential partners. I do agree that they should have powers that could be equally useful in PVP and Survival environments though.
    Anyway, This is just my personal view on how this should be approprached and I’m sure others may agree with you. Thank you for your input!