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    Oct 28, 2016
    Shiloh is ready to be explored!

    Shiloh region is filled with so much more than all of our previous generations, our new quest writing system has been used heavily here, and we hope you guys get to experience everything tenfold!

    Your journey begins with choosing your starter, a new Introduction has been made and tailored for new players to teach them what they need to know about the PokeFind network and some of its mechanics.

    After you have your starter, head on over to the Observatory, or speak to your Rival Danielle by the lab! In the Observatory is where your Main Storyline will begin!

    New Breeding System - You now must complete a Breeding Quest to obtain a Breeding Incubator, the Incubator allows you to walk around and counts your steps to hatch your new partners! HA can be passed through this new system
    Locked PC - Your PC is now locked in Shiloh, you cannot use Pokemon from previous generations, because your new upgraded PC is too advanced until you obtain the necessary parts to upgrade your old PC from previous Gens. You will have access to your Pokemon in other Gens, just not in Shiloh. All Eggs opened in Gen 4, can only be used in Gen 4, for example: if you open a Aura Gen 1 Egg in Gen 4, you can only use it there, until your PC is unlocked.
    NPCs - You will see a new revamped way of NPC trainers! These are created through the questing system and are new and improved!
    Boats - Boats are now added into PokeFind! These are accessible through /boat & can be bought on the store at this time.
    Gyms - Gyms have been revamped, speaking to the League Official now triggers the Gym Challenges

    +Added 2 PC Pages to all accounts
    +Added Legendary Egg to Legend Trainers
    +Added Ball Hunter Achievement!
    >>Shiny Charms Disabled on Generation 4 for now<<

    Lastly, I want to thank you all for the amazing support you all have shown us on our adventure <3 We are very excited for this new adventure!​