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    Oct 29, 2017
    The new Adventure mod is a very fun game-mod, with both the exploration, building and the hunt for pokemon. I would like to thank the Pokefind staff and community for this fun and exciting game-mod.

    I`ve been playing every day since the release and have some notes to share.

    /g - will not show offline members name making it very difficult to know whos left the group, and/or whos new.
    /g disband - is not a thing, forcing the leaders to add a random online member to be able to leave. (as long as no one is online)
    /g name - will add an identity to groups and strengthen their unity.
    /g kick - need to work for offline members as well.
    /g makeleader - need to work for offline members aswell.
    /g co leader - will make group management more versatile.
    Able to buy more claims, and buy different types off claims. (for all, for allowed, increase mob spawn and allowed to use healers and pc)
    /g home - two home options, one for all members and two for allowed members.(secure for griefing)
    /g coins - group wallet, to buy claims, beacons, raid boss, one mob spawner, rare books, diamonds, /back for all members.

    Web shop:
    Buying a rank does not not give 1 egg in survival, making the current deal misleading.

    Ingame shop:
    /shop - the 50 $ for 1 clay, is destroying the mesa biome. A 5 min grind of Terracotta will give 50 k coins.
    /shop - building prefix pokesenters and/or tiny houses. giving the servers a pokemon look and less square designs.
    /shop - buy claims; - two different group claims one for all and one for allowed members.
    - Increased mob spawn in the claim for a mob grinders.
    - Claim for allowed to use healers and pc, making pokecenters around the map.
    - Battle arena, giving groups there own arenas, prices for the winner. (added by group).​

    There are holes going straight in to spawners, so there might be some with /fly that emptied alot off chests using x-ray. This is just a hunch, for people might have found them on other servers to then server hopp.

    Another Town:
    - With group owned claims, where you can battles for group badges, items and the plot it self.
    - Group shops, plots that groups buy, to sell items. Where the shops that earn the least, loses their plot, reroll ones a week.
    - Groups and players are ranked, winning prices (bikes, hats, bags) and reputation. (reroll ones a week)
    - Daily npc battles.
    - Breeding.

    Thanks again to the Pokefind staff for this fun game-mod, you guys rock!