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    Oct 28, 2016
    Hello Trainers! [​IMG]

    Today we are announcing something that over a year’s work has built up to and it is a bit of a #sellout moment. Some of you may be aware that in the past year, we have had a separate team of Developers working on PokeFind’s first standalone game, War of Crypta! War of Crypta is a realtime pvp free mobile game that shares some similarities with Pokemon. We plan to release this Summer so we wanted to do something unique and fun to introduce War of Crypta’s universe and story.

    We present you all a brand new quest! This quest introduces new puzzles and a lot of time was put into it. On the quest, you will be introduced to some of War of Crytpa’s heroes and undergo a storyline that shines light on the game’s lore, but also intertwining with PokeFind’s lore. I hope you all have a chance to hop into Shiloh and experience the new quest and get a free War of Crypta Pokemon!

    If you happen to fall in love with some of War of Crypta’s characters, you can get them now as Pokemon in our new egg! Visit our store and check out the War of Crypta egg store.pokefind.co

    I want to keep this short, but want to go over one last thing. A ‘thank you’ can’t express how appreciative we are for allowing all of you in supporting us grow and make our dreams come true! PokéFind has become a dream come true and allowed us to do amazing, fun things. Thank you <3
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