WOC Quest guide

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  1. minermaotwno1

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    Jun 4, 2017
    also thanks reeiality for picture

    The Woc quest guide
    1: walks into findvile pokecenter


    2:found professor helmock calling you,answer the call and go professor hemlock's lab

    3.at lab talk with hemlock,find the letter at (736 45 894) and return it to helmock.


    4.talk to the magicial sloth and it will teleport u to eastwind

    try find the magicial da wae doggo's left clue

    1st clue:around 756 / 27 / 606(edited according to dim)(near the wall)


    2nd clue:around 718 44 437 (in gym)


    3rd clue:779/41/525(near the house)

    5.walk to wildwing (1023 24 534)

    6.talk with him again and feel the power of fly and make u have a chance of getting kicked

    7.when u land down then take a breath and ready for a fly again.
    WARNING:if you have heart disease or Fear of high places,you can press shift and you gonna face into the snow.

    8.found out there's a lost member in the team.go stronghaven to found him.

    9.find farm teddy(-80 33 453) [it is near the hard npc of stronghaven]
    and battle him (lv65 machamp lv65 primeape)

    10 find lucario and panshao fighting (-274 32 353)
    [it is near the breeding center of stronghaven]

    11 talk with panshao and goes back to frostfort to meet with others.

    12 goes to HM tutor at pokemon league island and learn HM strength from him

    13 reach crystal view and talk with sydney(213 56 420)

    14 open the castle gate with the HM

    15 defeat the Team CS grunt in the castle (lv100 rhydon donphan gliscor)

    16 follow the gallade statue and click
    (220 60 486)
    (222 60 495)
    (215 60 500)
    (214 60 505)

    17 the right side puzzle got its code 4183
    the code paper was found in (188 61 476)

    18 jump over the door u'll face another grunt
    (level 100 roselia abomasnow cradily)

    19 chase the rotom
    (208 64 561)
    (the middle of the room)
    (229 79 534)
    (220 75 548)
    (196 75 548)
    20 the left side door will be open after that

    21 fight the grunt
    (lv 100 alakzam medicham gardevoir)

    22 follow gallade again
    (287 65 491)
    (278 65 491)
    (289 65 494)
    (289 65 487)
    (291 65 492)
    (301 65 492)

    23 walk down a long hall and fight the castle guardian at the right
    (lv81 infernape lv83 toretta lv85 empoleon)
    second is 9
    the guardian at middle
    (lv86 blaziken lv 88 swampert lv90 sceptile)
    fourth is 5
    the guardian at the left
    (lv93 meganium lv95 feraligatr lv96 typhlosion)
    First is 2
    the guardian in front the door
    (lv97 blastoise lv98 charizard lv100 venusaur **with focus sash**)
    Third is 7

    24 the code is 2975
    jumps back from the slime bed

    walks back to the room where u catch rotom

    25 key in the code and the right side door should be open

    26 fight grunt again
    (lv100 gengar dusclops drifblim)

    27 gallade our old friend again
    (128 65 486)
    (134 65 487)
    (130 65 484)
    (131 65 490)
    (125 65 491)
    (115 65 492)

    28 walk downstairs and fight grunt
    (lv100 nidoqueen toxicroak **got vacumm wave as priority move)skuntank

    29 walk down again for grunt
    (lv100 sharpedo**sashed** octillery whiscash)

    30 find 3 key
    1st:147 73 513 (on a parkour)


    2nd:308 66 492(inside a room)


    3rd 248 37 443 (on the top platform of the waterfall)


    31 talk to the guard and pass
    walk to the crystal

    32 fight issac
    (lv100 bronzong probopass*held air balloon* vixen)

    33 fight cipher
    (lv100 shadow metagross
    lv100 shadow aggron (got reverse)
    lv100 shadow alakazam (unsure if scarfed,got reverse mode)
    lv100 shadow lugia
    lv100 shadow chansey
    lv105 shadow rayquaza(last two according to kurumi)
    (shadow rayquaza held life orb according to reeia)

    return to prof.helmock's lab for the reward (thanks dim)

    and thank you for reading it!
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    Aug 6, 2018
    after beating cipher, go talk to Professor Hemlock in his lab to receive your rewards for completing the quest :D
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    May 27, 2018
    great guide! :D
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    Aug 10, 2017
    Very helpful cheers lad
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    Very Helpful! Thank you!